Sunday, May 19, 2019

Letting Go & Manifestation

The recent months have been interesting for me, as so much is falling into place and overall I feel really, really good. Yet, simultaneously, I am still aware of some manifestations that I really want that just are not yet here. Listening to Abraham is one of the wonderful ways I like to come back into alignment, so while working I pulled up YouTube. I like to pick a video already recommended for me in my home feed, as I feel they're all purposeful, placed there by Source, ready and waiting for me. The flow of Abraham's words streamed in and instantly, I began to uplift myself and resonate. Resonate with some of the people speaking their concerns, as I have been there too or am currently going through a synchronously similar concern. Resonate even more strongly with the solutions Abraham presents to each individual, so similar yet sometimes the slightest tweak in verbiage or tone hits home perfectly for that moment in time.
The flow continued to a particular recording where the person asking Abraham was overly focused on what she really wanted...a desire so big it was her "desire of her lifetime". Ding ding ding. Perfectly synchronous. Abraham's solutions and suggestions for this woman brought up a clear image for me coupled with the inspiration to write. Allow my focus to really hone in on that clear image. Thus, another blog post came to be after a recess of writing.

An Inspired Story

Living solo, on my own for the first time, felt exciting and new; however, within the first 24 hours I felt the longing of what I've known, loved, and appreciated all my life- an animal companion. The best kind of roommate in my opinion.
I love both dogs and cats, though I had always labeled myself more of a dog person than cat. Looking back, I realize part of that was the (commonly accepted) belief of being able to train dogs, as well as the belief in my ability to fix dogs' behavior problems....that dogs can and will do exactly what I want, exactly when I want, and exactly how I want. A very ego-centered viewpoint. Cats, I knew, were clear about being their own beings and living in accordance to what they desire, and that very few cats agree to human control in the way that dogs do.
In my quest for adopting a dog, I almost ended up with a cat first. Just before my meeting the dog I was drawn to, my house suddenly had an unwanted presence typical to Baltimore- a rat. As I chose my dog and she chose me, I was also about to receive a free cat that was in need of a home different from the one it was in at the time. Though this new dog of mine had a high prey drive and a bull-headed, stubborn streak, I figured I could easily "fix" her of it. After all, I was a dog behaviorist.
It wasn't long with this new dog - my wonderful Khaleesi - that I felt a strong knowing that I couldn't just "fix this", and that it would be rather unsafe for a cat. Feeling guilt and defeat, I let the owner know that I could no longer take in the cat. It felt like failure...I wasn't living up to a lot of labels I had placed on myself.
Coming that close to having a cat re-awakened the desire for one. Only now, it felt to be impossible with Khaleesi. The desire grew and grew though. It'd increase as I'd visit home and re-connect with the cat I grew up with, as I saw cats on the street or adoption sites that could use a home, and as I met and connected with other people's cats. I really wanted a cat.
A couple of times, I came close to (unconsciously) manifesting one. A temporary roommate brought her cat as they lived on the third floor of my home. I thought that maybe Khaleesi could get used to it in her space. Each limited encounter affirmed my belief that it was impossible. She was too reactive, and I couldn't trust that she wouldn't harm my roommate's cat.
Then, an even better unfolding lined up! A friend found the cutest, tiniest, fluffiest kitten. He knew how much I love animals and brought him over for me. Oh, I wanted this kitten, who stayed with me for a short time (separated from Khaleesi). He was curious, fun, healthy, and sweet. At first, the introduction to Khaleesi held a flicker of dream I desired, and I was briefly filled with hope. And then she gave into her prey drive and tried to nip the kitten...she couldn't understand that this little being could be a potential member of the house. The kitten couldn't stay with me, so my friend kept him and then found him a loving forever home. Though I was grateful that the kitten had a loving home, the fact that it couldn't be with me filled me with sadness and fueled my belief that a cat was impossible for me.
After that unfolding...I let it go. I began to accept that a cat just wouldn't be in my cards while Khaleesi and I shared life together. I surrendered to and accepted "what is", let go of my need to make it happen (and make it happen a certain way), and went back to appreciating more of what-is - which was my bond with Khaleesi. That desire for a cat was tabled for almost two years.
In that time, a lot was happening. Shifting in a positive direction and gaining positive momentum. I was learning about law of attraction and that my alignment with high vibrations empower me to create the life I desire. I was shifting away from focusing on negative thought patterns, away from what no longer served me and away from labeling myself as a dog behaviorist; I knew my purpose - work included - was evolving.
One day, it just happened, by undeniable synchronicity. A little forgotten, adorable kitten crossed my path. Literally, as she darted across the street I was driving on. She stayed still as I approached her and let me scoop her up. Like she knew. On my drive home...I fell in love. She was perfect and precious and now my responsibility. I picked up a few needs for her, to last a few days. I knew she couldn't stay long and that I'd have to find her a home. The Petco employee was struck with awe when he learned I wasn't keeping her. Annoyed, I briefly mentioned that my dog would likely kill her. So confident that he came off as cocky, he told me he could train any dog to get along with cats. Anger and annoyance burned within me, perhaps because I thought that too and was proven incorrect. (Months later, Khaleesi and I happened to pop in the pet store while he was working and he learned she wouldn't shake paws. I had tried and tried and all she would do was sit. He proclaimed he could easily teach her to shake and proceeded to take a treat to show me how it was done. To my ego's delight, Khaleesi would not do anything but sit. I'm happy to say that eventually with patience and the assistance of a friend's dog, Khaleesi now knows how to shake and does so with intense fervor for a treat.)
The exchange I had with the employee stayed with me though. A lot of it was ego driven...for at the time I thought myself to be better than trainers from Petco or Petsmart, knowing that obedience training does not fix all behavior problems. So, if a Petco trainer could teach a dog to accept a cat, then why couldn't I?
As the days turned into weeks of the kitten's stay with us, her quarantined life in the master bathroom expanded to the master bedroom and bathroom. Slowly, we introduced Khaleesi every day, on a leash, briefly. We taught her to enter calmly and that reacting to this kitten was not okay in the slightest. Though it still seemed impossible, I chose to hold on to any glimmer of hope that it would work out. I began to let go of my focus on all the evidence that pointed to the probability of Khaleesi not accepting the kitten. On rare occasions, Khaleesi seemed more curious than holding an intent to hunt. Or the sniff would last longer before a reaction. I spent a lot of time with this kitten, (and named her Panther...) so her scent was always on me, which of course did not go unnoticed by Khaleesi. I feel she also felt my intense, protective energy over this cat. I noticed how responsive Khaleesi was to any correction regarding the kitten, which is not always the case, especially when faced with squirrels or geese. I held onto these hopes.
One magical day, our little kitten moved past Khaleesi and not even the slightest indication of a reaction came from my dog. I was so shocked, I even proceeded to try to get Khaleesi to react. Nothing! So we began to allow Panther to explore the house more and before we knew it, Khalessi and Panther (now Kitty-Kat, another story for another time) could be in the same room and Khaleesi off leash! Of course, we still supervised their interactions, but the momentum was now flowing towards the probability that this cat could stay in our lives (though we had her sponsored by a rescue and listed for adoption). We joked that Kitty Kat would go through portals, as she would disappear and every place possible would be checked, no cat to be found. A fateful and synchronous afternoon, Kitty Kat found a portal and we had to leave the house....we'd have to leave them together (Khaleesi is a dog that rejected her crate). To our surprise and delight, we came home hours later to them cuddling on our bed! That was the moment we knew it was safe for Kitty Kat to stay. I was in disbelief, but my eyes forced my old belief out. Shortly after, we were happy foster failures.
As I look back now...there I was, new to the conscious and deliberate creating of life, and just by letting go and surrendering, I allowed the Universe to conspire for me. To line up everything in my life to make way for Kitty Kat. And as I chose to focus on the hope that Khaleesi could accept Kitty Kat and focused on and celebrated anything that supported that hope, and as I let go of anything that did not support that hope...momentum towards my desire built. It worked out.
Kitty Kat is teaching me so much about this Universe - animal consciousness and their relation to and agreements with humans, healing and well-being, energy, and more. I feel such a strong, unconditional, and joyful love for this cat- stronger and more evolved now than two years ago. What a lovely feeling to appreciate, and realize, a concept about cats and dogs and their agreements with humans. Dogs...many will put up with, and allow, the control that our egos place on our conditions. (Our dogs must behave a certain way, must do a certain trick for a reward. Often we get angry and withdraw our love when our dog doesn't act the way we think the dog should.) Most cats do not put up with our ego's need for control in that way. You get a cat kind of knowing that you've got to accept and love the cat the way that cat is. If ego steps in, cat steps away. A truly unconditional love (beyond the third dimension) forms between cats and humans. I have been learning to let go of my ego's tendencies- its need for control - with Khaleesi's guidance. An unexpected teacher for me, and I appreciate her. The unconditional love and bond is just as deep and expansive when you allow space for your dog. When you focus on high-vibration thoughts for a consistent period of time, your dog will likely begin to fall into the behavior you have been wanting to see, and surprise and delight you too. I have cats and Khaleesi to thank for assisting me in understanding this.

Why write this manifestation story?

How often do we focus on what we want from the place of feeling the absence of it? How often do we think about what we want to manifest but wonder why it is not here yet? What a wobble that is created in our vibrations when we focus on our desires and feel good- excitement, potential, anticipation and maybe expectation- but then focus on those desires not yet being here. In comes doubt, resistance, justifications, and disappointment.
So what if we turn our attention away from those not-yet manifested desires? What if we let go? What if we turn our attention towards what we have manifested? What if we feel the appreciation of what we manifested? How nice it is to look back and feel the fulfillment of a desire and the expansion it brought to our life experience!
I particularly love remembering this desire I manifested because it was so strong, but just as strong and for a while more active and tenacious was my belief that that particular desire - having a cat - was absolutely impossible. I appreciate this manifestation - the welcoming of Kitty Kat - especially for the reminder that if I can imagine it, it is possible! I am the creator of my life experience and I do so through alignment.
Thank you, Kitty Kat. Thank you Khaleesi. I also thank myself.
I never thought something like this could be. If you can imagine it, it IS possible!

Awareness - What to Focus on to Positively Shift Your Life Experience

How aware are you of that which you do not want? How often do you focus on it? Shouldn't you be aware of what you don't want - precisely aware - so that you can make sure it doesn't come into your experience?

It is beneficial to be aware of that which you do not want, to a SMALL degree. When you came to this Earth, you never meant to stay so focused on that which you do not want.

Contrast was intended to arise in order to assist us in clarifying our desires and expanding our desires. Knowing that which we do not want is beneficial in that it typically arises out of some type of contrasting situation or emotion and in that knowing of that which we do not want, we better know that which we do want. So many of us perceive that we are stuck in some undesired life situation, however great or small; however, we don't realize that we are "stuck" in these undesired conditions due to a repeated hyper-focused thought cycle about that which we do not want. We're constantly telling the story, in various forms, of all of the situations and conditions that we are not currently enjoying in our lives, all the possible conditions we are worried about or scared of...and what we may not realize is that in telling of those stories, in the constant focusing of all of that we do not desire whether it is already in our now reality or not, we are actually attracting all those conditions, fears, worries and negative situations. Perhaps not the exact situation we spoke of, but one of the same vibrational frequency of the worrisome, fearsome or negative situations and conditions we spoke of.
Even in speaking of our desires, it is interesting to note how we feel when we speak of these desires. Are we speaking of them from a place of lack? From the acute awareness that what we desire is missing from our experience? If so, speaking of desires in this manner is just as detrimental as speaking of the undesired.

Our thoughts, and more importantly, the emotions behind the thoughts, are like magnets. Like attracts like in this world, and so whatever thoughts and emotions we are vibrationally offering (which is every thought and emotion you have) attract conditions that are on that same vibrational frequency as those thoughts and emotions.

It will be beneficial for us to realize that our focus was always meant to primarily be set on that which we desire. That which we love. That which makes our hearts sing. That which strikes those inner chords and causes us to be so jazzed.
We came here to experience the physicality of this world and we came here to enjoy every aspect of this world. We came here to experience the complete unfolding of our desires, which does include the contrast. We came here to joyfully create our physical lives. We did not, however, come here to become stuck in the contrast, to become stuck in that which we do not want, to become stuck in the complaints, to become stuck in the fear, to become stuck in any monotony of day-to-day life, to become stuck in the "rat race".
If you are experiencing more of that which you do not want than you would like to, then perhaps it is time to begin intending to change your story. Intend to change your focus. Intend to change what it is that you specifically speak of. Intend to change your vocabulary. Intend to change your inner dialogue. Intend to begin speaking in the direction of that which you desire. Intend to speak of that which you love, of that which makes you feel good, of that which excites you, of that which you appreciate, of that which you are grateful for.
When something that you do not want comes up into your experience, pay attention to it for a quick second. You only need, at most, a few seconds to realize that it is something you do not desire to have in your experience. It only takes a few seconds to realize what it is that you desire from this contrasting experience. Once you identify what it is that you desire, born out of that which showed up in your experience that you do not desire, then immediately shift your focus into feeling good about that (desired) subject. If it is too much to feel good about that subject, then shift your focus to feeling good in a more general manner.
You will be surprised at how this practice will begin to shift your vibration in a more positive direction.
So ask yourself today, "What are the stories that am I telling?"

Beginning Your Day Happy and Resistance-Free

(From 10/14/18)

Is your first thought in the morning something like "No, no, no...5 more minutes!"? Maybe it's bit of a drag to get the mornings started and sometimes it seems that the rest of the day has moments of lackluster drag. Perhaps it's a whirlwind from the second the alarm sounds. The day flies by and all the sudden it's time for bed...and back to wishing for endless hours of sleep. Continue reading if you'd like to hear a few of the ways that I have changed my mornings to allow more joy and energy to flow in and continue throughout my day! May it inspire you to make a shift in your mornings if you're feeling lower than you wish to feel when your day starts.
Most of my morning inspiration has come from the guidance of Abraham Hicks. If you have yet to know Abraham, I recommend a YouTube search! Or listen to a few of Abraham's rampages here.

The Shift Begins Before You Rise

I used to be someone who dreaded the alarm, and almost immediately felt unenthusiastic, world-weary, and at times just awful. Now, as my first alarm goes off, I know and acknowledge that a new morning is here, my new beginning of my new day. Instead of taking the snooze time to soak in any remaining moments to be elsewhere in consciousness, I now slowly begin to wake up my mind by acknowledging and feeling gratitude for what is right here, right now. A warm place to rest. The softness and comfort of my bed, the warmth of the sheets, my partner next to me on one side, my dog curled up on my other side and my cat at the foot of the bed. I feel thankful to be resting together as a family. Sometimes I'll snuggle up closer and think of how much I love to cuddle and exchange warmth and energy with my partner. Or I'll note that I was in a dream and have some memory of it, and I will feel thankful for my increasing allowance of my ability to recall dreams. Usually, I drift off for a few minutes until my final alarm; however I am now drifting off in good feeling thoughts rather than spiritless anticipation of the next alarm.
Once you're out of bed, do you take off running? Is it an almost instant a rush of to-do thoughts, email checks, rapid shower, massive amounts of coffee, and out the door (because who has time for breakfast, right?)? Is it an immediate thought of what may have been bothering you for some time? This used to be me...especially during my teaching days. Every now and then a day like this pops up, and it throws me off. The rest of my day feels un-grounded and chaotic, unless I find time some point later to re-center myself.
I began setting my alarm earlier - by an extra 15 minutes or half hour. Sometimes more, because I enjoy taking my morning slowly. While it felt difficult in the beginning, it is now rewarding and sets the pace and energy of my day.
My immediate go-to is making tea or coffee; a cup of warmth is most delightful to me!

Cork Float Meditation

Before checking my phone, before anything else, I flow through my morning meditation (while my steaming cup of tea is cooling).
For those of you familiar with Abraham, you may have heard the cork analogy before. Imagine your energy as a wine cork in a bowl of water; are you allowing it to float gently on the surface, ready to go with the flow? Or are you forcing the cork down with resistance? How your day goes is reflected by how your "cork" is.
My simple intention for my morning meditation is to allow my cork to float.
This isn't the time for those guided meditations, or guiding yourself through any type of intricate meditation; although if that is what is easiest for you, go with it. If you can though, let this time be a mostly silent meditation. Set your focus to some type of arbitrary noise...nothing that jostles any memories or rolling thoughts. A great example is a fan or the air conditioner running. White noise. When that isn't present or I find myself having more resistance to just letting go than normal, I inhale for 4 counts and exhale for 4 counts, slowing my breath each time. It's a slightly more active focus that brings me to center. Find what works for you. Thoughts may come, and when they do, that's okay. Remind yourself of your simple intention - allowing your cork to float - and re-focus.
15 minutes is all you need. Does that sound daunting? Begin with 5 minutes and ease your way up.
Quick Tip: A friend of mine shared the Insight meditation app. It is wonderful! I use the timer everyday for my cork-float meditation. There are also lovely guided meditations, meditative songs and courses to explore.

My Book of Positive Aspects

My what? This one comes from Abraham. I've done gratitude journals and they are lovely; however this type of journaling has been even more enjoyable for me!
Get yourself a journal, and call it "My Book of Positive Aspects". Just after your meditation, open it up and fill at least one page - two is better, and three is even better. Write about the positive and satisfying aspects of various subjects. Perhaps it's about your morning, your cup of coffee, your pet, a favorite activity, or a project you're excited about. Write about the subjects that are easy to write positive aspects about. Add in your gratitude here whenever you wish. Write a whole page about what you're grateful for - conditions and non-conditions. If for a few days you repeat writing the same positive aspect about the same subjects, or the same conditions and non-conditions you're grateful for, wonderful. What you're doing is training your vibrations to be in a higher, better-feeling place. That is the purpose here. As this type of writing flows with more ease, you'll discover there are more subjects to write the positive and satisfying aspects about, and more to be grateful for. As this becomes full of ease, you can begin to contemplate subjects that your have more resistance to or negative thoughts about. Begin to train yourself to find better-feeling thoughts about those subjects too.
Are you ready to give it a go? Try this morning flow for a week or two and see how you feel!